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Known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a small and wonderful island with a rich history and rich culture and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The population of Sri Lanka is 22 million. 70% of Buddhists, 15% of Hindus, 8% of Christians, and 7% of Muslims live in harmony.
The main export items are garments, tea, spices, vegetables, fruits, fish, rubber, minerals, gems and labor.
Sri Lanka is a developing poor country.
There are 25 national parks in Sri Lanka, which are home to many different species of animals. More than 8000 wild elephants live in all the national parks across the country.



This organization aims to contribute to the development of the Sri Lankan poor community. There is also a talented and honest staff who are dedicated to it. Programs are implemented targeting the following issues which are an obstacle to the development of the Sri Lankan community.

  • To promote child health, education and child rights,

  • Development of facilities for the disabled community.

  • Economic and social empowerment of women.

  • Development of facilities for the elderly community.

  • Organizing sports, arts and religious work programs.

  • Implementation of other programs that contribute to social development.

In the past, the organization has implemented a number of valuable programs for the upliftment of the poor. Due to the presence of public officers in the staff of the organization, it has been possible to implement programs with good coordination and transparency.

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